About AStA

The AStA is the General Students’ Committee that is elected by the Plenary Assembly of all students at HFG.

It acts as executive branch of the student body and represents the students before the academies instances like the Senate, the University Council and the Rectorate or cooperation partners like our sister institution ZKM or the National Radioplay festival (ARD Hörspieltage).

If you have difficulties, concerns or suggestions in relationship to the study situation the AStA is your place to go. Apart from that we also organize and support events like Jours Fixes, Divines and you can rent some gear.

contact: asta@hfg-karlsruhe.de
or Mondays 20:00 in the AStA office on the ground-floor.

→ In case you want to publish posters or videos on this website and/or through our screens in the exhibition hall and/or please send us a download link via email.
We’ll update each Monday.
Screen resolution is 1080x1920.


Víctor Fancelli Capdevila, KuWi Chair
Nina Eberle SZ/AD Deputy Chair
Moritz Appich KD Treasurer
Mona Mayer SZ/AD PR / Communication
Ioana Spanachi KuWi Internal Communication
Max Viktor MK Communication & Culture ZKM
Luis Junker KD Arts and Culture
Víctor Fancelli Capdevila, KuWi

Nina Eberle SZ/AD
Deputy Chair

Moritz Appich KD

Mona Mayer SZ/AD
PR / Communication

Ioana Spanachi KuWi
Internal Communication

Max Viktor MK
Communication & Culture ZKM

Luis Junker KD
Arts and Culture

available as PDF-download:

Department Student Representatives

Each Department has its own elected student representatives who observe the quality of the curriculum and get involved if necessary.

Science of Art,
Media Theory and Philosophy
Jandra Böttger
Jacob Witzel

Communication Design
Kathrin Rüll
Felix Köder

Product Design
Julius Bläser
Laura Kluge
Juliane Fuchs

Exhibition Design and Curatorial Practice
Laura Haak
Miki Feller

Media Art
Finn Baygan
Alexander Thelen
Vanessa Bosch
Nino Alonso
Philip Lawall

Plenary Assembly (Vollversammlung)

The Plenary assembly gathers all the students of HfG. It is convened by the AStA.

The Plenary assembly elects the members of AStA and other representatives and determines the application of the annual student body’s budget and discuss suggestions about the „Quality Savings Fund“ (QSM).

It can form committees that for example engage in issues like gender equality or organize every life at HfG by curating the exhibition hall or organizing the cafeteria.

Student Initiatives

HfG has no “real” Cafeteria, but there is the “Kochwagen”, a mobile cooking station built by students. Self-organised and on request there is: food, coffee, performances…
contact: cafeteria@

The Feminist Working Collective is engaged in gender equality at HfG.
contact: fak@hfg-karlsruhe.de

Every now and then students get together to
tune their bikes. You’ll get the announcements via email.
contact: bikekitchen@hfg-karlsruhe.de

Die Publikationsplattform der HfG.
contact: 2g12b@hfg-karlsruhe.de


Central Equipment Rental
Here you can rent projectors, cameras, DVD- / BRD- or media players, monitors, cables, adapters and much more.
Mo.–Fr. / 0900h – 1700h
Tobias Keilbach

Sound Rental
You can get an overview of whats available here through this Website. You can also make reservations online with an account which you can create during their opening hours.
R365 Mi. / 1400h – 1630h
Christian Berkes

Film Equipment Rental
Mi. / 1300h – 1800h
Jonas Piroth, Victor van Wetten

Rental of event Equipment and consultation for the use of Großes Studio und the Exhibition Halls and walls
Alexander Knoppik, Sebastian Schäfer

Speakers, vintage gear and video equipment, small PAs, amps, monitor speakers, bike parts
upon consultation

Computer Rental
Frederic Zumsteeg

Workshops and Studios

R 225
Mon 1400h-1800h
Tue 1000h-1400h
Wed 1000h-1400h
Fri 1000h-1400h
Tel 0721 / 8203 2223

Grit Werner

Electronic Workshop
Richard Brunner

Photo Studio
Evi Künstle

Wood Workshop, Model Making Workshop, Metal Workshop, CNC
Matthias Mai, Susanne Schmitt

Ulrich Sanwald

Jonas Piroth


Network and E-Mailaccounts
Ionel Spanachi

Registrar's Office
Kerstin Eisenmenger

Head of Facility Management
Igor Hardt

Adenauerring 7
76131 Karlsruhe
Tel. (0721) 6909-100
Fax (0721) 6909-292

BAföG office
Info-Center Mensa Am Adenauerring
Adenauerring 7
Tel. (0721) 6909-177
Fax (0721) 6909-222
Dienstags, 10–12 Uhr und
Donnerstags, 13:30–15:30 Uhr


The currently available floorplans show the initially conceived allocation of rooms. Also adresses and names of spaces have been changed.

To get a copy of the floorplans, please write us at asta@hfg-karlsruhe.de

Department Websites

Since the design and structure of the official HfG website is a long-time subject to negotiation some deparments and institutes took care of online representations on their own.

These are the links:

Communication Design

Science of Art and Media Theory

Media Art
[Postdigital Narrativity + Gamelab]

Philosophy and Aesthetics

Product Design

Scenography, Exhibition Design and Curatorial Practice

Ersti Buch

In our Ersti Buch designed for first semester students you'll find further information about shops (art supplies, bookbinders, print shops) as well as on Karlsruhe's cultural and gastronomic offerings.

download it here


In order to access HfG and most of your working spaces you need a chipkey. You can get one at Tobias Keilbach's Central Equipment Rental (R 322) if you show your student ID. Guest students will have to give 20 Euro as a deposit.

In the beginning all rooms and studios that are used commonly within your the department are unlocked. You can also enter the computer room Z1 on the 3rd floor. To get access to specific studios and ateliers you can consult associated staff or professors.

You can enter and work at HfG with your chipkey weekdays from 8:00 to 22:00. In case you're on a time-consuming project or a deadline you can get a permit to enter 24/7 (Nacht- und Wochenendgenehmigung). You can get the form from Tobias Keilbach and have a professor sign it for you. You'll have to be two people who are responsible for one another.

Email Account and Internet Access

You will get all important information on events, seminars and changes of schedule via email. The distributor is the most up-to-date and reliable source of information. You can get access to that via your personal email-account. To create one consult Ionel Spanachi on the 4th floor R 333.

With that account you immediately create your acces to the WLAN network "eduroam". This gives you internet connection not only at HfG but in many other universities and educational institutions worldwide. Frédéric Zumsteeg will help you down the gangway (R340) with the installation.

You can install it yourself also using these instructions.


HfG does not have its own cantina – that's why you can have lunch in 4 restaurants and diners close by using food stamps. Alternatively we also have a cooking cart, where students can cook for others and themselves.

Food stamps cost 3,50€ and you can get them on weekdays 8:00-10:00 and 14:00-18:00 in Dein Pauseladen, right across the Lorenzstraße entrance. Here you can also eat without having a stamp.

Apart from that you can have lunch here:

ZKM restaurant, here stamps are worth 6,50€ , if you want something that costs more you'll have to pay the difference

in the cinema in front of ZKM, here you can get a lunch offer menue (drink included) or a pizza between 12:00-16:00

also located at Filmpalast am ZKM, a stamp gives you free access to the all you can eat buffet between 12:00-14:30, you can also order a la carte 1 stamp = 6,90€

further cantines of the Studierendenwerk here

Theatre Flatrate

Through our own student fees the AStA pays 2 € for each HfG student to the Badisches Staatstheater.
You can visit shows throughout the year under the following conditions:

→ As HfG student you can visit all regular shows with the exception of special events such as premieres, guest performances, galas, etc.
→ 3 days before the event you have access to all remaining tickets of the price group 3
→ 1 day before the event you can also book from the price groups 1 and 2
→ To confirm your status as a HfG student please bring your passport and student ID to the ticket office and on entry.
→ Tickets are personalized, so it is not possible to make group bookings.

Online booking:
→ You have to register at the theatre desk once a season using your passport and student ID. You can do so Tue-Sun from 10:00-18:30.
→ After registration you can book your tickets under the conditions above.


Karlsruhe University of Art and Design offers a full spectrum of courses) in Media Art, Communication Design, Art Research and Media Philosophy, Product Design and Exhibition Design & Scenography. Unlike other universities, the programs of the Karlsruhe University of Art and Design require interdisciplinary studies.

The default language of tuition is german. International and guest professors whose first language is not german hold classes in english. If requested by students seminars can take place in english. All classes at the university are open to all students from each faculty. Classes are small, to provide an intensive learning situation, with around 15 students per professor.

For further information contact the International office:

Excursion Funding

Excursions are a popular and beliebt und frequent thing at HfG. There have been some difficulties in the past though, so here you find the important facts summarized:

💰 Usually the school repays half of your expenses for traveling costs, accomodation, entrance fees etc.. In der Regel erstattet die Hochschule die Hälfte Eurer Ausgaben für Fahrten, Unterkunft, Museumseintritte etc.. Food and catering are generally not refundable.

💰 For excursions within Germany each student has a limit of 150 Euro for each year. I.e. if you spend 301 Euro or more on excursions to Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt you will still only get 150 Euro back.

💰 There is no such limit for international excursions but caps for each individual trip. Please ask your docent or the assistant about the refundable amount for the excursion.

💰 The reimbursement procedure should usually not take longer than two weeks after all documentation has been handed in properly. In case that shouldn't work out for some reason please contact your docent or the according assistant.

You can find the reimbursement forms for each department here:
KD / KW / MK / PD / SZ/AD

In order to get things done quick and neutral:
→ hand in all bills as originals
→ number the bills consecutively
→ stick small bills and tickets on A4 paper
→ clip everything together on the upper lef corner

Financial Support for Projects

Is there money for my Project?
Making Art and Design can be expensive. The distribution of the budget is currently rather opaque. Generally each professor should have an amount of 7000 Euro for each semester to spend on student assistants, guest lecturers and consumables / material.

Financial support can be expected when it comes to prediplomas and diplomas. The Media Art department has additional resources that were originally intended to fund film projects but can now also be used for large productions in other media.

In case you're lacking equipment or material that could be of use for other projects or the basic hardware of the school you can contact a mentoring professor or staff. In case s/he confirms you'll have to pay in advance and fill out the according form to get your money back:

KD / KW / MK / PD / SZ/AD

For the future we intend to establish a comittee with representatives of different departments to enable financial support for individual projects in all media.


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→ In case you want to publish posters or videos on this website and/or through our screens in the exhibition hall and/or please send us a download link via email.
We’ll update each Monday.
Screen resolution is 1080x1920.